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( Apr. 12th, 2011 10:23 pm)
Rambling went on a bit long, cut to spare people wall of words )
Just a little rant because I haven't in awhile and it's good to write things down.

Job search is not going terribly well but is actually not doing as terrible as it could be. I've put my resume up in various places and am hopeful that even if I can't immediately get into my field (doubtful with my experience) both I and my friend will at least have better luck with retail type jobs when school starts as we can do hours they can't. Why I hope both of us well as we are determined to one day move in together. Actually if I had to choose one of us to get a job first I'd choose her - I'd love a job right now but being in her home is killing her emotionally.

I started roleplaying back in Pern 'verse again though I'm trying to be cautious despite my rp muse jumping at it. I even started a game as well as rping in one but made it easy on myself - open to all levels so when I get the urge to nitpick... I don't. I'm also not co-owning with the person I was before because we have the tendency to set each other off when it comes to things that bother us. Something that bothered us just a little will suddenly becoming something terrible and insulting! So yeah. She has a strong personality and is more... emotionally turbulent than I am. I love writing with her but I'm too likely to fold because I do love writing with her and don't want to upset her when it comes to owning an rp with her. And then every disagreement we have becomes high stress too.

To the universe, I would like to ask why the greatest ideas I have come to me when I'm ready to go to bed at an almost-proper time and instead end up pacing around my room and clicking away at the keyboard because I know the idea won't be there in the morning. This ranges from story ideas, roleplay ideas, to ideas about rl things, to just about anything! Always when I'm about to get in bed. Or in the shower, though that as well is usually half-asleep as I take showers at night.

And lastly, I never should have played that trial of WoW when I had no money. D: Do want to play more now plz.


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