So I know a movie and then it's fandom has entranced me when I am looking up the dates for the two timelines and comparing them. And it kind of shows just how big of an impact Nero made that Kirk was made Captain - and how big of an impact Kirk must have made on Starfleet as well. Possibly they mostly just put him in place because he was the media's golden boy at the time - the whole crew probably was.

Kirk in the other universe wasn't made Captain until he was 31, and had still been young for a Captain (the youngest in Starfleet history in fact). Kirk in ST'09's verse started Starfleet roughly five years after TOS timeline and got to Captaincy six years earlier. Something tells me there were probably a few strong voices behind Kirk to get him to the Enterprise. It did allow them to have, in a way, rougher versions of the characters. Less mature and also in the case of Kirk and then Spock, more harsh because of the way their lives went.

This has been my minor thoughtful babble on ST'09 differences with TOS.


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