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([personal profile] natala Jan. 7th, 2010 08:07 pm)
Technically it's a week into the new year but I don't care. It hasn't been a terribly exciting week, though I did spend most of it up near my university. There for a New Year's party, we(me and one of my best friends who was kind enough to drive me) stayed a few days for various reasons. I didn't bring my computer which was just about the only downside since it's nice there with only certain people up there and certain other people not.

2009 was an interesting year. I hope with a lot of things cleared out from my life (the old rpgs that were causing me problems, a certain real life person) this will be a good year. Graduation is in May which I am trying to think of as little as possible. I have never really panicked over school before this last semester. I hope this next one will actually be better but... Senior project.

Role-playing both online and off is nice. I only have a bit online which is actually nice. There are two D&D games I'm in at college and one sporadic Serenity game so I'm having fun being a big ol' geek. As well as Secretary of JCAC - otherwise known as anime club.

As always when I have a moment to breathe, my fingers are itching to write. Merlin fanfiction is still the major one though other fandoms and original fic do their best to spin in their - there's a big, spanning original story in my mind that just keeps forming more and more where the "heroes" end up causing the bad guy into existing. <3 On accident, of course.


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