Trying to figure out what to leave behind for college will be fun. The fridge from my roommate is small, but is still a large square thing and we had trouble getting home last time. And while I usually manage to take more with me over the course of the year, I also tried to vary up my food purchases a tad bit so... less stuff, more food + fridge... though, being an empty fridge I can use it as a box at least.

Funnily, I find when I've had less than five hours of sleep I am more likely to actually organize things in my room. Possibly because I'm extra irritable and need to do something but the headache from lack of sleep doesn't let me do much that requires focus. Like playing a video game could work, until the first time I die and would then destroy the world in a a sulky fit. Other problem with lack of sleep if it's too bad - the voice in my head that says "Noooo, walk away" is not as good. I actually noted this a couple days back when I'd had too little sleep.

I am also really, really glad that I am not running those rps anymore. I almost decided to try running another because I missed it. A whole different set up, a very casual plot compared to usual, mostly people-run... and then I realized that no matter how player-run I tried to make it it wouldn't work out, and I missed it in some ways yes, but in other ways, no. I don't miss it enough to give me less time writing. Plus in a week and a few days it will be one less excuse for why to put homework off and I'm really planning on trying to not only not do my homework at the last minute, but do it early. Shocking concept, I know.

Frankly, this also gives me more time to write. Fanfiction writing mostly, but it's writing and I like it and most of my original fiction has dragons in it and I I could do with less of that. Except the one that doesn't which also happens to be the one I only have a few pieces on but already want to rework the first piece. Or possibly just writing some with the vampire and one of the main characters because they get along like fire and water and it amuses me.

I also have way too many Merlin pieces started and most of those are long, chaptered pieces. This is a terrible, terrible thing because when this happens it means I am hooked! I am going to be sad going back to college because I know there is someone who would have found Merlin amusing and now is graduated! That won't hit me as much until I am there and realize that certain people will never come to the tables again! I refuse to think about that too much though, because if I do I'll start panicking over Senior Project being in spring semester and I still have no ideas for it yet! I swear I've been trying to think of one since sophomore year!


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