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([personal profile] natala Jun. 28th, 2009 01:57 am)
I fully blame nu!Star Trek Fandom for my new shiny fandom. Mainly, Merlin (BBC). I blame them thus because while I had heard of Merlin before and do indeed like watching the shiny not-so-accurate renditions of the Arthurian legends (Hallo Merlin - the movie - and Mists of Avalon) I had not been inclined to go out of my way and watch it yet. And then nu!Trek people on the kink meme kept referencing Merlin, and I peaked around fandom a bit and went "Hey, thirteen episodes, sure. Pass the time."

And now about a week later I have gone through most of the rec lists and have spent my time absorbed in reading Merlin fics, discussions, humorous summaries, and looking at the macro stories.

And now I am writing fics for it! Umbrage! Disgrace! Though some of them might actually be short (as in, say, under 20,000 words when finished) instead of my habit of having long multi chaptered questing, overarching plot stories. Er, though I have one of those too. Only six thousand words in or so though. (which in the grand scheme of it is probably not a lot considering what I've gone through in the story so far.) Which is fun but really. I did not need a new fandom. nu!Trek was bad enough when I just wanted to read and could control my writing impulse.

In conclusion, Star Trek is to blame. For the world ending. And stuff.
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