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([personal profile] natala Mar. 13th, 2010 03:23 pm)
Ugh. Half-way through the last semester of college and I swear if I make it through without killing someone I might believe my friends when they call me the saint. That comment is usually in reference to one particular person, but... Yesterday was terrible in that there were only a handful of people I could stand being around and the rest of them apparently don't get what headphones in, knees up, and laptop on my lap means.

As much as I love my social life right now, I kinda realized the past couple of days I need to stop going places for hours at a time off-campus. It's why I'm scrambling a bit more than usual since I feel like I really have no time even though I do, I'm just not using it properly. I need some time where I'm doing nothing (like right now. Well. Not nothing - but standing still) and can just relax.

Actually that lets me write too, which also improves my mood - I'd really like to finish Balance (Merlin fic, 25,000 + words right now) sometime soon. I have waaaay too many stories started. Lots of fanfic - not quite as much original fic but that's because stories don't (usually) segue off of other stories for the original fiction. I think my problem with original fiction is the bad guys. I need to get in their heads more and then maybe those stories would take off a bit better.

I also really hope I can get a job pretty much right out of college. Even if its not immediately in my field - anything to start saving up money so we can get that apartment. It gets my friend out of her bad situation with her Mom, gets me out of the house and pretty much gets us all a bit more balanced. I think it's interesting that Senior year of college is opposite of senior year of high school in terms of effort (at least for me).

General babbling over.
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