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( Jul. 31st, 2009 12:41 am)
It's interesting searching for writing and seeing what comes up, but what was most interesting was a challenge I saw "write a page a day" and... is that hard? Just a page? I mean, I didn't look more into it, but if it's just that, a page of anything - that's an interesting challenge because on the one hand, it's so easy but on the other, when people are trying to find some time, any time to write in a day, I can see where it would be useful. Just a page a day minimum gives people a step forward no matter what.

I have no problems writing many pages a day. I have problems writing those many pages all on one thing from beginning to end though. Even last semester when I was actually getting out and socializing all the time (omg, what, I have friend, when did that happen - those were my thoughts) before I tried to force myself to be rping in places I no longer enjoyed and absolutely killed my muse - seriously, I quit the rps and suddenly I had a million idea crashing into my mind (though I shouldn't blame just them - there were friend(ish) and boy issues too) - I was still writing a lot. The quantity has never been a problem.

The quality? That's something I wonder about and is what has me looking up writing communities and watching how the authors (online and off) write. It bugs me to have to do it but if I've read the story before I forgo enjoying it for once and look how its put together. Sometimes it works well - and sometimes it makes me look back at something I've written and despair. I have real pacing issues, I've noticed. I go too slow for me, but too fast for readers (or so I believe) or vice versa. At the same time I don't want to put in fluff. And when does the word "said" get said too much? Also, is a bit of a live saver when I know a word isn't really what I mean but is close.

This was brought to you for the reason: Needed to put it down so I did. It helps to write things out.


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